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Jefferson Memorial Interior Renovation

Washington DC |  62,000 square feet |   In Progress

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial was completed in 1943 and is ranked as one of the top five “List of America’s Favorite Architecture”. The Thomas Jefferson Memorial receives over 2.5 million visitors annually and is the center of the National Cherry Blossom Festival every spring that attracts over 1.6 million attendees. The Thomas Jefferson Memorial is one of the three Iconic monument / memorials at the National Mall. The Thomas Jefferson Memorial was dedicated in 1943 by Franklin D. Roosevelt and designed by Architect John Russell Pope, influenced by Jefferson’s taste in classical architecture and echoed the style seen in Jefferson’s two most famous buildings – Monticello and the University of Virginia Rotunda

Reconfiguration of the lower level space for an enhanced visitor experience and use. This includes all the lower-level programs, improved Universal ADA access from the exterior, exhibit space, restrooms, bookstore, support utilities, and aesthetics.  

This project is highly scrutinized and on a timeline to open around the 80th anniversary of the monument/memorial.

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