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More Than a Company

The SIRIS name (a Persian spelling variant) draws inspiration from a historical figure, Cyrus the Great, whose legacy continues to ignite our passion. Siris, a truly extraordinary leader, achieved greatness not only for his own kingdom but also through a remarkable act of compassion. He spearheaded the colossal endeavor of rebuilding Solomon's Temple for the Jewish people, who were then in the throes of Babylonian enslavement. Siris, when he overthrew the Babylonians, not only liberated the Jews but also provided the resources to reconstruct the Temple and rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. This undertaking wasn't just a feat of engineering; it was a triumph over political complexities, logistical puzzles, team building, and innovative construction methods that led to the revitalizing one of the Wonders of the ancient World.


At SIRIS, we aspire to be entrusted with today's most formidable projects, akin to the restoration of Solomon’s Temple. It's not that we exclusively pursue the most complex projects, but in every endeavor we undertake, we strive for excellence that befits our namesake. We firmly believe that how you approach anything reflects how you tackle everything. Each day, we diligently work to become the kind of organization capable of handling monumental challenges, not merely because of what we do, but because of who we are. Our values of justice, mercy, humility, and courageous leadership are not just principles we uphold; they define our very essence. We are steadfast in our belief that a company consistently rooted in these values, from top to bottom, is one that can accomplish the extraordinary.


Our passion does not stop at our building projects we also we also aspire to emulate the legacy of Siris by supporting non-profits, charities and projects that help end modern-day slavery.

In 2017, Chris Hopkins embarked on a mission that stemmed from his decade of military service and his ten years in the construction industry. From the sands of combat in the Middle East, where he witnessed firsthand the transformative power of development, he birthed SIRIS. Our project approach is simple yet profound: We listen. Every project we undertake begins, first and foremost, with getting the perspective of our clients, their customers, and their staff.

At SIRIS, we do not simply provide highly qualified professionals to manage projects; we build the teams that build the dreams that resonate from consultants to craftsmen and ripple out into the community. Our team carries a legacy of trust, having served as steadfast advisors on some of the nation's most intricate, demanding, and pivotal projects.

Our philosophy is grounded in nurturing and sustaining a collaborative spirit, uniting every project team member and stakeholder throughout the project's lifecycle to the original vision. We aspire to become an integral part of our clients' vision, assuming personal responsibility for their goals. We arm them with information, documentation, and solutions that grant the peace of mind needed to focus on their business, knowing their project is in capable hands.

Clients sometimes fear that adding an owner's representative may inflate their budget. However, time and again, we've proven that by engaging SIRIS, budgets can often be streamlined and ultimately reduced. Our well-honed management practices not only save our clients’ money but also foster creativity, ensuring that every detail culminates in quality outcomes.

A unified project team with a shared dream is a force that leaves an indelible mark. Our esteemed clients, including the Department of Veteran Affairs, the Smithsonian Institutions, Memorial Hermann Health System, HEI Hotels and Resorts, and the National Park Service, bear testament to our commitment. Our portfolio encompasses a rich tapestry of project types, from healthcare and museums to education buildings, laboratories, theaters, hotels, corporate headquarters, and historic preservation ventures.

SIRIS is more than a company; it's a conduit for transformation, a catalyst for dreams turned into reality. Join us on this extraordinary journey, where every project is an opportunity to leave a lasting impact, just as Chris Hopkins envisioned when he founded SIRIS.

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