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Our Management Philosophy

We have seen that when a project team has unity around a common vision they will deliver a project that has an enduring impact. 

Our initial step in every process is to listen so that we fully understand our client's visions and goals, and have the perspective to lead. 

It is only in an atmosphere of shared understanding that constructive ideas are communicated and people can take initiative to align their interests. Problems are truly solved in a productive way when we prioritize communication and responsiveness.  


We believe it is critical for project teams to be managed as a collaborative partnership between the architect, contractor, Owner, City, and other authorities. This philosophy of respect and engagement includes the well-being and pride of work from every project participant from the end-user to the carpenter.

Creativity is not just for the design phase. Creativity can be seen in every aspect and is an essential building block to a healthy process. A team approach maximizes the creative input of all project stakeholders while keeping the project on time and within budget. We seek to catch people doing good and recognize them, because when we do we create space for more good.


We feel incredibly fortunate to be able to spend our days doing what we love—getting to participate in the development of historic, iconic, and emerging sites and landscapes while dreaming up dynamic, beautiful, surprising, and fun ways to bring those dreams to reality and enrich the experiences of their customers and communities.

As a management team, we endeavor to position ourselves in the places where we are most accessible and able to run toward any problems that arise, instead of away from them. We take ownership of critical issues because we believe they hold the keys to great success.


Trust is a fragile thing that must be developed and protected. Our philosophy is, if you are wrong, admit it quickly without excuses, communicate it, and make it right.

We believe both individual people, and the corporate teams, have a desire to do that which is right. Transparency, accountability and safety are the building blocks for relationships, organizations and capital construction. As professionals, we take into our hands, not only one another's trust, but also the trust of the larger community (patients, visitors, children, etc.), their safety, investments and experience.


Innovation and creativity are not only present when a designer starts to draw a building or when a designer develops an elegant solution. It is in the boardroom developing the business case, in the field as a craftsman puts his finishing touches on his work. Innovative creativity is making an impossible idea into reality, making the complex look simple, and taking the simple and adding precision until it is perfect.


Yet innovative creativity is not about being the smartest in the room. It is an atmosphere that is created where people have room to think, where solutions are prioritized and every person feels the ability to contribute. It is in an environment of safety where egos are checked at the door and all can contribute that creativity thrives. 


Our team constantly focuses on developing the optimal project environment for creative solutions that create the win-win-win. 

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