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Washington DC |  82,000 square feet |   In Progress

“I knew immediately when I read the proposal that this was the right firm for the job. Their attention to detail, flexibility, and thoughtful approach has been invaluable to the Kennedy Center and their collaborative approach has truly made this project a success."


-Logan Garrrett, FAC-P/PM, FAC-COR Project Manager,
  John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

In order to maintain the Plaza/Foyer (ground floor) and Terrace (rooftop) level public spaces of the  
Kennedy Center in a manner that is suitable to a national performing arts center that is operated as a Presidential memorial (and in a manner consistent with other national Presidential memorials) and in preparation for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy Center in September of 2021, it is appropriate to upgrade and update the Center’s public spaces.  
In the Grand Foyer, Hall of States, and Hall of Nations, the work will focus on reevaluating the pathways (including theater accessible ramps) taken by patrons and visitors throughout the public spaces to ensure smooth flows for everyone visiting the Kennedy Center. The work will also require replacement of worn and outdated finishes, upgrades to electrical services and infrastructure, conversion of lighting to LED, and improvements to mechanical systems serving the public spaces. Existing furnishings and fixtures may be modified, removed, or replaced. The work will include the design coordination with non-federally funded projects such as food service (intermission bars) refurbishment and gift shop renovations that will occur concurrently with this 

Our scope included design reviews, Universal ADA review, value engineering, complex phasing development, schedule review, cost estimate review, acquisition strategy, development of the statement of work, and construction management services. The mission of the Kennedy Center was to complete these renovations as close as possible to "invisible". 

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