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Our Nation’s history has been written in large measure by those who have served on, under and above the world’s waters as members of the United States Navy. The new National Museum of the United States Navy will be dedicated to telling their remarkable stories, from the founding of our Republic to the present. 

The Museum will highlight the heritage and contributions of our sailors, and their families, throughout our history. It will honor their sacrifices in defending our freedoms and maintaining our essential diplomatic, humanitarian and economic interests around the world. And, it will accomplish this in a proposed 300,000+ square foot, state-of-the-art museum complex. This will be among the largest military-related museums to be operated by a branch of our armed forces. 

And, the museum’s facilities and offerings will be impressive, including an atrium that will feature up to eight historic hanging naval aircraft, a 4D theater, 14 interactive multimedia experiences, and seven hands-on learning STEM centers, as well as traditional displays that will showcase thousands of rare and unique historical artifacts from the Navy’s remarkable collections.

Several independently-conducted studies have concluded that the new museum will attract about one million visitors a year. Visiting this new museum, which will be the only national military museum located in our Nation’s Capital, will be a life changing experience.

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