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Veterans Affairs - Great Lakes National Cemetery Expansion
Construction Management Services

Holly, MI  |   2022 - 2023

The Great Lakes National Cemetery (GLNC) Phase 2 expansion includes approximately 30-acre area within the existing GLNC property, and improvements to existing infrastructure within an approximately 20-acre area of the existing Phase 1 cemetery. The project under way will provide approximately 9,600 preplaced double-depth crypts, 6,600 in-ground cremation sites, 12,070 columbarium niches, and 300 oversized pre-placed double-depth crypts.


Additionally, the Phase 2 expansion provides new roadways; two additional cortege lanes; additional parking at the assembly area and committal shelters; a new committal service shelter; additions to the public restrooms; maintenance complex improvements; a new materials storage shelter; grading for stormwater management; and associated landscaping, site furnishings, irrigation, and infrastructure improvements.


The Phase 2 expansion will extend the longevity of GLNC for approximately 10 years. SIRIS provided two CMs that were responsible for advising and observing the construction in the field. Our team has helped create a collaborative environment and coordinate with cemetery operations and prioritize the early turnover areas which include in-ground cremains and a large columbarium without extending the construction schedule.

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